Vintage Style tags

Vintage Style tags
Vintage style Tags going to Op Shop soon

Friday, 24 February 2017

Link to Thrift Shop

Please see  "LINK" to Op Shop showing my cards on display. It is really nice to have a reason  for  making  the cards. 

I have organised my card supplies in a much better way, and I want to use up what I have before buying more. I think when I've used up my current stocks, I might want to do something different! I'm enjoying making the cards at the moment though!

Here are some Fabric brooches that I 

have made for the shop


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Charity Card making

WOYWW # 403

I have found a new Thrift Shop quite close to home.It is called WOW ( Women of Worth). The charity helps women who have been struggling financially, been experiencing Domestic Violence etc. 
The shop is a just finding their feet, at he moment, but as more people learn of its existence, maybe more gear will be donated.

Oh my goodness I get in a mess when I start  card making  . Now that I have a stamp positioning tool, stamping is much more enjoyable. 
The lady top right is a new stamp, and I liked her simple outline which could be left simple, or played with a bit. The stamp is by Penny Black "Slapstick/cling"

                                  Here are the completed cards. 

I added, more flowers to this one!

I have since taken these to the Thrift Shop, and they Loved them!!!

It took most of a whole day( 2 half days) to complete these. I felt that was a bit slow, but I am organising some things in a better way as I  work on cards. I am also looking at You Tube tutorials as I have several Julie Nutting stamps to work with!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

This week's paper/pen projects

 go here for loads of video clips on tools products etc.( this links to my local shop.I have no financial or otherwise interest in this just.Just thought you might want to see products, planners  etc.).

I have put all videos to do with Art Journaling

Short and sweet this week..

Next week's page ready in my diary/planner
I can see my reluctance to "fussy cut" is showing on the stamped image.I'll go back soon and cut out properly!!I use this planner now because it looks bright, and ready for those notes etc.
                               Some pages in my affirmations book
Hmm..I meant to change that "every day" to every week!!I think a new thing every week is more realistic.
Page ready for new affirmation.
I'm enjoying using different paint techniques to make interesting backgrounds for the affirmations to go onto.

Back Packs for Kids

Julie Nutting Doll stamps