Initial cards

Initial cards
working on Initial Cards for friends' birthdays

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

For my Textile works please see HERE

Textile works

This canvas has a stamped image in the centre. I feel like I overdid it with the flowers on this canvas, but it's ok.
This is the first sketch for a new lesson with Tam in Life Book 2017.As I love birds, I have chosen this one for my special symbol to work with.


  1. Lovely pieces! And I like all the flowers - sometimes more is more!

    1. Thank you Artangel. Yes you are right, but in my mind is another aesthetic in which less is more ie the single brush stroke or the minimalist sculpture. However, we have to go with our inclinations, and ABUNDANCE is my mantra, and I guess I will always have lots going on in my works! I can't help myself!


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