Initial cards

Initial cards
working on Initial Cards for friends' birthdays

Monday, 10 April 2017

Initial Cards

Thank you so much for your encouraging words re my low mood lately.I feel a bit self indulgent, and also cross with myself. All part of the process I think.

Drawing Initial Cards to keep me distracted.
These have been fun.I am half way through the alphabet! I just have to complete them.I keep wanting to start new ones!I think I might get some Distress Oxide ink pads and try doing other type of backgrounds for these.

I'll be redoing some of these as I over-worked these.I do like the idea though.


  1. I think you should be kind to yourself and follow your instance about what you feel like doing. Even if your relationship with your mum was a certain way, her passing has left a huge void and it takes a while for you to come to terms with the new state of being. It did with me anyway. Crafting is a good way of helping keep hands and mind occupied.
    Sending hugs to you,
    LLJ 13 xxx

  2. Instance? I meant instinct...blooming auto correct!

  3. I think the reality is that there is no set time frame for grief, no matter how ambivalent our feelings towards the deceased were. You are probably also struggling to come to terms with the relationship you had, the truth is that sometimes we do have difficult relationships with parents, but that is rarely acknowledged, therefore I'm sure guilt creeps in to those thoughts too. Be gentle with yourself, all will come right in the end. Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

  4. Hello Judy. I'm sorry you are feeling as you are - but I'm not surprised - 4months is nothing in grieving terms. It's still very early days for you. Give yourself permission to go with the flow. If you feel good, go with it; if you feel like sitting down and howling, go with it. I'm sure it only makes things much harder if we deny those thoughts and emotions. John died seven months ago now - yes, seven months already. I still have days when I can hardly function. Other days I am fired with energy and enthusiasm. I'm just learning to go with it, and allow myself to feel as I do. A friend of mine who lost a really good friend of hers asked for 12months to grieve... Makes four and seven months not seem much, doesn't it?
    Take care, dear heart - and remember that a soft, compassionate heart is beautiful. If your heart was not compassionate you would not be feeling as you are.
    God bless.
    Margaret #2

  5. Great desk and projects for WOYWW. I can empathise with your feelings but hope you will find your way forwards soon. Just take each day as it comes and one day you may wake up feeling like you have a new plan

    Anyway, Happy WOYWW


  6. I am sorry you are feeling so out of sorts - I think it's only to be expected! these things take time, regardless of how you got on with the person you lose.. take care and I am sure your life script will turn the page soon. Helen #1

  7. My father died last August. This morning, I visited Mum in her care home and was quite quite overwhelmed by the lack of having Daddy to turn to.....out of nowhere. Grief is the most extraordinary thing. I think you just have to ride the wave. Probably your relationship with your mum took up more of your mind and intentions than you thought, and now you feel slightly adrift. I don't doubt that at some unspecified point, you won't even notice that the ground has shifted and you're moving in a different way. Meanwhile, the dolls that now feature at the top are absolutely gorgeous. I am so attracted by your shiny and colourful work personality!

  8. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. It's easy to say I know but life doesn't always go the way we want it to and we often feel unsure of what to do next when we loose someone close best to just let things move on and go with the flow of how you feel each day. I think working on your Alphabet is a good idea to keep you busy, stop you worrying about things and helping you to relax too. Given time you will get over it. Angela xXx20

  9. Hugs at this difficult time. I suppose that you can only take it one day at a time. I really like your idea for the alphabet, distress oxides are certainly great for backgrounds, they blend so well. Sarah #9

  10. I like your cards and i think it is a super idea. Maybe I will venture to doing something similar, a book or a concertina card (but that would be so long).
    Hope you soon feel much better in yourself. I had a spell with this back pain but am coming out of it now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, honest!
    Sorry I am so late, visitor got i the way of commenting yesterday and I was flat out trying to do my journal post for today in the evening. Sorry.
    Happy Easter
    Neet 3


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