Initial cards

Initial cards
working on Initial Cards for friends' birthdays

Thursday, 6 April 2017

What's up this week.

For some reason, making this a small, private blog doesn't allow me access? I don't want to spend the time working this out, so let's leave things as they a public blog!

This week I began drawing "Initial" cards and I must say this is fun!! First, I am making them for people I know, then I may put some into "the shop". 

The first few, aren't that great, but I am improving as I go along.I also made a few Easter cards. They were for another project, but I abandoned that idea. I'll show the cards next post.

I have recently placed some of my cards in a Charity Shop for women.I'll be going there once every 2 weeks to change the display, and this is the next display to go up. I chose to display cards that I'd made with a stamped image, as I had sold some cards previously when I'd donated them to the shop.

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