Initial cards

Initial cards
working on Initial Cards for friends' birthdays

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Simple Robots

I made these today, and now have 41 packets with either a Mr.Men book inside( plus small sewn toy), or a Little Miss book.

I am using up some of my yarn collection, but at this rate, I will still have lots left  after 5,000 more!!I  have actually sorted some of my yarns  into a big bag of gear for  my friend who is still teaching.Her class just LOVE the things I bring. 

Here are some packets with little dolls I have made. To see more go to my other blog HERE

 I love birds, and we seems to collect injured ones.This one isn't injured, but we do have a grey baby dove that has begun to visit,  that has a sore leg. We had one like this about 18 months ago, and after feeding it for about 2-3  weeks, it seemed to recover, began to strengthen its foot,  and flew off. 

                             Collecting rubbish ....
from the footpath along a busy road near us.We do this weekly, and I take a small shopping trolley to load the bags onto when we head back to the car to take the rubbish to the Council bins or home to our bins if it's cardboard and can be recycled. 

This card is an original I drew, to accompany a textile initial brooch. I will be getting back to this work next week.Stay tuned! 

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